How to Keep Rats Away From Your Property

Posted on: 12 January 2023

Few people enjoy the idea of sharing their home with rodents. Unfortunately, rats are very resourceful, and if they see your home as a haven, they'll soon nest there. Using a few simple tips, you can keep rats away from your property and live peacefully.

Restrict Food Access

Rats aren't choosy when it comes to sustenance. They'll root through your general waste bins and begin scouring for food in chutes. Always ensure the bins you use seal completely and aren't easy for anything other than a human to open. If you live in an apartment block that uses a chute, speak to your maintenance team about keeping it clean. During the summer, you may want to double bag your rubbish so that bags aren't easy to penetrate. Whenever you use your kitchen, make sure you seal food fully and clear up crumbs. 

Don't Offer a Home

Although you won't invite rats directly into your home, certain acts provide them with somewhere to nest. Leaving old vehicles and large piles of rubbish outside your property gives rats somewhere to start a new life. If you have abandoned items and rubbish, dispose of them as quickly as possible. Additionally, inspect your property periodically for cracks and holes that rats can enter through. Rats are flexible and can squeeze through surprisingly small holes, so fill holes before rats become a problem.

Use Baits and Deterrents

Rats are rodents that carry diseases that harm humans. Additionally, they tend to chew through wiring and cause electrical hazards. Because of this, if you suspect that you have a rat infestation, you should take swift action to keep them away. Use traps with bait in so you can capture them and release them elsewhere. You can also use sonar deterrents, which send soundwaves that they're too uncomfortable to pass through. You may also want to consider using poisons, particularly if the problem is severe.

Talk to Professionals

Rat control isn't always easy, especially when you notice the problem too late. Using a rat control specialist is an effective way to get rid of an infestation. The person ridding your property of rats can also provide advice on how to stop the problem from occurring again. If you prefer to use humane methods, you can discuss your wishes with a specialist before they begin work.

Finally, if you do have a rat infestation, consider informing your neighbours. Doing so allows them to take action on their property and could prevent the problem from occurring again too soon.

For more information about rat control, contact a local company.


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