Can Household Pests Cause Asthma Attacks?

Posted on: 1 July 2022

Airborne allergens are the primary cause of asthma attacks in asthma sufferers. Reducing lung irritants in your home such as aerosols, air fresheners, cigarette smoke and mould can help to reduce the risk of asthma attacks. Unfortunately, some common household pests can also trigger asthma attacks.

If you or someone else in your household suffers from asthma, step up your pest control efforts to prevent the following pests from triggering asthma attacks.

Rodents produce allergens

If rats or mice enter your home, they may soon begin leaving droppings and urine in their wake. Rodent droppings and urine contaminate dust. If that dust then becomes airborne, asthma sufferers in the vicinity are at risk of having an asthma attack if they breathe in that dust.

Rodent nests are another source of contaminated allergens that could become airborne. If you have found evidence of rodents in your home, you need to find and remove those rodents before they spread airborne lung irritants throughout your home. But DIY removal can be difficult and time-consuming. You also risk being bitten if you actively seek out rats nesting in your home.

The safest and fastest way to remove a rat or mouse infestation is to hire a pest control company. If you a rodent infestation is triggering asthma attacks in your home, consider having the asthma sufferer stay with friends or relatives until the infestation is removed.

Cockroach body parts trigger asthma attacks

Although the worst household-invading cockroaches, such as German cockroaches and oriental cockroaches, are small, they can trigger asthma attacks. Even dead cockroaches can cause asthma attacks. The proteins in the body parts of cockroaches are a potent allergen that can trigger asthma attacks when they become airborne.

Since cockroaches shed their body parts as they grow, even a small cockroach infestation can cause problems for asthma sufferers. Until you have eradicated a cockroach infestation, try to keep asthma sufferers out of infested areas. You could also use face masks in infested areas.

Dust mites trigger asthma attacks

Dust mites live near humans since they feed on dead skin cells. This means that dust mites can infest mattresses, pillows, cushions and carpets. Dust mites themselves cause asthma attacks in asthma sufferers. You can keep the dust mite population down by reducing the number of fabrics in your home. For instance, you can replace carpets with hardwood flooring.

But you may need the assistance of a pest control service if you suspect you have a severe dust mite infestation. 


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