Do You Have a Spider Infestation In Your Home? 3 Ways You Can Tell

Posted on: 30 December 2020

Having a few spiders around your home is a good thing because they minimise the population of other insects and pests. They are an excellent way to eliminate mosquitos and houseflies. However, you cannot allow them to occupy your house or office just because they keep other insects away. If you come from a region where poisonous spiders are common, you also have to be careful about spider bites. 

The best way to manage spiders is to always be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Typically, they will camp in your home when there are insects and you do not habitually make the right steps to remove them. Here are three signs to help you figure out if you have spiders in the home.

Too Many Webs

It is not unusual to notice one or two cobwebs, especially in the hidden parts of your house that are cleaned less often. However, if you start coming across webs in every corner of the home, even places that are regularly cleaned, you might have a serious spider infestation.

Note that webs come in varying types and complexity. Some spiders will make light webs that are not easy to notice. Others make ornate webs that are very easy to notice. Either way, call the exterminator when you realise that the spiders are starting to camp at your house.

The Presence of Egg Sacs

Egg sacks are a bigger problem than spider webs. The spiders lay hundreds of eggs at a go and wrap them in a silk ball. Here, the eggs develop till they hatch into tiny little spiders. If the egg sacs hatch before you contact an exterminator, you will have hundreds of spiders running around in your home within a short time.

When the professionals exterminate the adult spiders, they also take care of the eggs to protect you from another infestation.

Too Many Spiders

The most obvious sign that you have a spider problem is seeing too many of them in your home. You might notice them dangling from their webs or scampering away when you switch on the lights. As a rule, unless you are sure a spider is harmless, you should not try to exterminate it by attacking it.

Choose a competent spider exterminator to help you assess the spider problem inside your home. They will decide the best way to handle the extermination. With their help, you will get the pests out of your home and restore cleanliness and safety.

If you have additional questions about spider extermination, contact a local pest control service.


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