Two benefits of having a termite inspection done before moving into a property

Posted on: 23 December 2020

If you're planning to move into a property soon, you should consider having a termite inspection done in that property before you proceed with the move. Here are two benefits you could experience if you do this.

The inspection could protect your wooden belongings

If you own several pieces of wooden furniture, as well as other items made from wood (such as sculptures, picture and mirror frames, storage boxes, etc.) you should avail yourself of a pest control company's inspection services. The reason for this is that if there are already termites in the property and you don't get it inspected prior to moving your items into it, then the chances of these termites travelling into and attacking your numerous wooden belongings could be quite high.

Because unpacking can take quite a while, it might be too late to save your wooden items by the time you realise that they have been infested by the property's pre-existing termite colony. This might result in you having to throw away the damaged wooden goods and buy replacements, in addition to using a pest control's extermination service.

By utilising their termite inspection service before moving in, you can find out if the property is housing this insect and you can then address the infestation before putting any of your valuable wooden possessions inside of it. This could save you money and ensure that your sentimental, irreplaceable wooden items don't get destroyed.

It could help you to avoid having to temporarily move out of the new property

Having a termite inspection done before you move in could also help you to avoid having to temporarily move out of it soon after your arrival. If the pest control team can confirm, via an inspection, that there are termites in the property a few days before you are supposed to move in, you could simply postpone your move for a week or so until they have exterminated the insects.

Conversely, if you discover the termites after you've already moved in and the infestation is extensive enough that the house needs to undergo fumigation, you will need to move out again for the duration of this fumigation. Aside from putting you through the stress of a second move shortly after your first one, having to pay for temporary accommodation as well as the inspection and fumigation could make this experience much more financially difficult than is actually necessary.


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