4 Reasons to Arrange a Termite Inspection After a Water Leak

Posted on: 27 October 2020

Water leaks can cause great damage to the structure of a house. This is especially true if that leak goes undetected for a long time. Leaking water can damage the wooden structure of your home, leak into your crawlspaces and even damage your foundation. But there is another threat to your home following a leak — termites.

If you have just discovered a water leak somewhere in your home, don't just call your plumber; call a pest inspector to arrange a termite inspection. Wherever there is both water and wood, termites are never far away.

1. Termites Love Moist Wood

Although termites will eat just about any wood they can get their jaws into, a particular favourite of theirs is moist wood. And termites can even sense a change in soil conditions where rotting wood is present. If a wooden part of your home is soaked with water, termites could already have found it — or they will soon.

2. Termites Invade From the Ground Up

Termites live in the soil. And a concrete foundation that has cracked due to water damage will provide easy access to your home. If you suspect that your water leak has reached your foundation, a termite inspection is imperative.

3. Termites Can Cause Leaks

Termites can cause leaks too. For instance, if termites damage your roof, it will leak whenever it rains. If you can't find the cause of a leak in your home, termites could be to blame. Did you know that termites can chew through insulation and plastic pipes to get to food on the other side?

4. Termites Could Invade in the Near Future

Even if your leak hasn't yet attracted the attention of termites, they could still show up in the near future. Termite scouts are forever on the lookout for new food sources. And if you aren't aware of the extent of the damage caused to your home by the leak, you could end up with a termite infestation due to damaged wood that you hadn't noticed somewhere in your home.

If you do discover nearby termites after an inspection, you can then protect your home by installing a termite barrier to keep them away from your foundation and siding.

A water leak could bring termites knocking at your door. Call a termite inspector if you have found evidence of a water leak in your home to prevent a serious termite infestation.


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