What Pest Control Measures Are Good for Termites?

Posted on: 10 August 2020

Every year termites do a great deal of damage to properties in Australia. It is not just rural areas that suffer from these creatures because they also cause thousands of dollars of harm in towns and cities too. What are the best pest control measures you can take to prevent termites from making their home on your property? Read on to find out.

Liquid Termiticide

To begin with, liquid termiticides are frequently recommended by pest control professionals as a means of preventing infestations. If you know of any termites in your neighbourhood, then applying liquid termite-killing agents is a good idea to keep them at bay. The best way to apply them is to dig a shallow trench around the perimeter of your garden and to pour the termiticide inside before covering it over. When termites cross this boundary, they will be weakened and eventually die. As a consequence, it is much less likely that termites will start building a nest close to you.

Powdered Termiticide

Although many of the main ingredients used in insecticides are often the same, you can obtain them in various forms. Powdered termiticides are different from liquid ones insofar as they tend to hang around for longer. This makes them particularly useful when you know where termites happen to be present. Rather than protecting all of your property, they are recommended by pest control experts for more directed applications. Shake the powder into areas termites are seen moving around or disturbing the soil. Since it lasts a bit longer than liquid termiticide, it will offer better protection in places that are hard to reach where you won't necessarily make frequent inspections. If you are not sure exactly where to apply a powdered termiticide, then consult a professional who will carry out an inspection for you and offer advice.

Paint Woodwork

Not all termites make nests underground. Some will inhabit the timbers that your home or business premises are constructed from. Drywood termites tend to make their way through weatherboarding, floorboards, beams and roof purlins. As such, treating them with a coat of paint is a very good, proactive pest control measure. Typically, drywood termites will be put off boring into a section of wood that has recently been treated to a coat of varnish or paint.

Repair Broken Cement

Another common access point into a property that termites will use is when they find fissures in concrete or cement. By simply patching up cement, you will make it much less likely that termites will gain access to your property.


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