What Things Draw Termites into Your House or Compound?

Posted on: 22 May 2020

One of the sneaky and unpleasant pests you can deal with in your home are termites. Termites are similar to ants, and it can be difficult to identify them. These pests can infest your home secretly, do the damage, and leave before the homeowner notices anything. As such, it's crucial for property owners to know some of the best termite control measures to avert infestation.

But what attracts termites to a home? Generally, termites create colonies near their food sources. They like eating rotting or softwood and staying in moist areas. If the necessary termite control measures aren't taken, your home can become a prime environment for such colonies. This encourages the pests to leave their natural habitat. To help you avoid such a scenario, this post will share popular things that attract termites to homes so you can prevent an infestation.

Plant-based materials

The primary reason why termites will find a way into your house is to get food. Most people think that termites like wood, but their primary focus is the cellulose in the wood. Cellulose is a type of sugar molecule that's found in all plants.

The compound is essential to plants as it helps maintain their health and aids in the growth and development of leaves, stems, and branches. You can find cellulose in anything that's made using plants like furniture, paper, cardboards, cabinets, frames, etc. So, if you have any of these things around or in your home, the possibility of having termites will increase. Make sure you get rid of any cellulose materials like decaying lumber to keep the critters away.

Wet soil

Another thing that attracts termites to your home is moisture. The foundation is one of the primary areas where you can find moist soil, and that is the reason why experts recommend that you divert excess water from the area using gutters, splash blocks and downspouts. This way, it will be easier to keep the foundation dry and termites away. Also, any leaking water or waste pipes and faucets must be repaired right away to ensure the soil near the house doesn't become moist.

Warm and dark areas

Termites also like hiding in warm and dark areas because that's where they like eating and breeding from. Darkness provides the protection they require from their predators, and it's the reason why they like constructing mud tunnels. So, it's your responsibility to identify such areas and expose them to light to keep termites at bay.

To learn more, contact a termite control service in your area.


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