Termites And Rain: 3 Things To Remember During Storm Season

Posted on: 9 January 2020

Every year, termites do millions of dollars' worth of damage to homes across Australia, and that damage is not limited to a specific time of year. As a first-time homeowner who does not know much about termites, you are thinking that the upcoming rain and storm season gives you a reprieve from termite attacks, but unfortunately, this is not true. Here are three points you need to know about termite activity when the rain arrives.

Rain Increases Termite Activity

Termites have very thin skin, and that makes this insect incredibly sensitive to temperature and light variation. This is the main reason why you see more termite activity at night and also increased activity during periods of rain. Termites much prefer the cool, rainy air on their skin, so they will emerge and get busy with their chores once the rain arrives. When the rain starts to fall and you see winged termites on your property, this means that there is a colony nearby which is hoping to reproduce and set up their home next to yours.

Rain Moistens The Earth

Another reason why termites become more active during the rainy season is that the rain moistens the earth. Wet soil is much easier to burrow through compared to hard, dry soil, so termites take advantage of this and begin building themselves a new home. The downside of this from a homeowner's perspective is that termites burrowing into the earth cannot easily be seen as the disturbed earth created by termites is not immediately noticeable on the wet ground. You need professional assistance to locate and destroy underground termite colonies.

Rain Causes Damp Damage In Homes

It is important that before the major rain of the year arrives you look carefully at all wood parts of your home for signs of damage. One example of this is a rotting wood window frame. Continual wet weather causes wood rot to spread, and soft rotting wood is a food source for hungry termites. After they have eaten through this softwood, they take up residence inside your home and do more damage.

As you can see, when the rain arrives, this does not mean you are safe from termite damage. In fact, chances are you are at an increased risk. So, take this opportunity to hire a termite control professional to visit your home to look for signs of termite activity. The sooner the termites are stopped in their tracks, the less damage they can do.


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