What Are the Best Treatment Options for Termites?

Posted on: 28 December 2019

If there is one highly destructive pest infestation in Australia, it is the termite. They can establish colonies while breeding at a rapid rate. This means that they can cause havoc quite quickly. Termite extermination is usually the top agenda for most property owners. 

Statistics show that more than 100,000 properties are under attack each successive year, causing untold damage to homes and other establishments. Termites are quite smart as they secretly gnaw at any wooden material, and weaken wooden structures from the inside out.

There are several ways you can detect the pests, requiring you to take immediate action. These include a sighting of flying and crawling ants. Another sign is difficult to open timber doors, hinges and windows. It usually suggests that there is an inbuilt web of termites deep within. 

Termite Extermination Methods

There are two main termite treatment options you can use. These include termite insecticides/termiticides and termite baits.


This extermination method usually consists of liquid termiticides. The main aim is to create a barrier that prevents termites on the outside from entering a particular area. The treatments also prevent termites that have set colonies in individual sections from accessing the soil moisture, critical for their survival. 

Most people opt for this method because it gives fast results. Depending on the type of termiticide you are using, some can exterminate not just the colonies, but even distantly foraging ants. The main problem with this extermination method is that it needs handling with great care. Any mishandling can exacerbate health issues, such as asthma. 


Termite baits are a safer option that do not involve the injection of chemicals in the soil. Baiting involves strategically placing the baits for the termites to feed on and eventually die from. The method is simple enough, which most people further use as a detective tool to monitor the movement pattern of the pests. The elimination of a full colony takes time. Sometimes even weeks to months before you can see results. 

Any baiting program needs excellent skill and precision to remove an infestation successfully. You need to adeptly place the bait to capture the exact sections where the termites are rummaging.

Prevention is usually the key to ensuring that termites do no set camp on your property. You, therefore, need to get rid of any access points. These include water and gas lines. You can also reduce any wood material that is lying aimlessly on the ground. You need to contact termite exterminators if there is an active infestation that you find challenging to handle on your own. 


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