What Will You Pay For Termite Control?

Posted on: 27 December 2019

Household pests can prove to be the bane of your existence when they take up residence on your premises. But while roaches and mozzies are incredibly annoying, termites, indubitably, remain one of the most dangerous pest infestations that you can contend with. Leaving a termite infestation unchecked will eventually lead to extensive structural damage that could cause you to lose your house. Thus, the moment that you notice abandoned wings, mud trails or even hollow-sounding timber in your home, it is very important that you hire pest control services. Understandably, you may have some apprehension regarding the cost, but you need to know that termite control does not have a fixed price. Although there are several determinants, here are just two that will influence the amount of money that you will pay for termite control.

Architectural design and size of your house

An often-underrated factor that has a direct impact on what termite control will cost homeowners is the architectural design of their property. While structural inclusions such as extensions and subflooring do make your house more interesting, they also create room for the termite infestation to spread. In addition to this, these complex designs will also influence the type of termite treatment that can be employed. If you have substantial square footage, then you should expect your termite treatment to cost more because a significant volume of product will be required to curb the infestation. Overall, the more complicated the design of your home, coupled with how large it is, will translate into higher termite control costs.

Age and breadth of termite infestation

One thing to note about termites is that colonies only function to expand. With that in mind, if you are just now noticing a large infestation in your home, it is highly likely that the termites have caused severe damage to the structure due to how active the termite colonies have been. Furthermore, it is also critical to factor in the scope of the infestation. If the termites have stayed in one location, which is highly unlikely, then the cost of terminating them will not be as high as it will be if they have spread throughout the property. And when it comes to the breadth of the infestation, it is rarely ever limited exclusively to the outdoors or the indoors but instead will be across your entire residence.  Pest control specialists will use tools such as thermal imaging to establish how far-reaching the infestation is. You should be prepared for the possibility of having to pay for structural repairs in addition to the cost of the termite treatments.


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