3 Ways to Eliminate Termites Naturally

Posted on: 26 December 2019

Termites are essential parts of an ecosystem, but they can be quite destructive when they leave their natural habitat and infest homes and businesses. If they remain hidden or unchecked for too long, these pests can cause massive damage that will cost lots of money in repairs. For this reason, business owners and homeowners need to know how to identify a termite infestation and how to kill the termites. One of the termite control options you can consider is killing termites naturally.

Currently, there are numerous natural methods you can rely on to get rid of termites. This post will share a simple guide on how it is done

Applying orange or neem oil

Orange oil contains d-limonene, a compound that kills termites as soon as they come into contact with it. This technique is effective, especially when it comes to drywood termites. All you have to do is apply the oil directly on the termites or in the affected area.

Neem oil is also effective in controlling termites. Simply apply the oil on the affected area and then allow the termites to chew the wood that contains the oil. They will die after ingesting the oil because it contains compounds that are poisonous to termites.

Expose termites to direct sunlight

Did you know that termites are like little vampires that avoid sunlight? Well, this is a fact most property owners don't know. If you come across a termite nest in or around your commercial or residential property, consider bursting it open to expose these pests to direct sunlight. Also, consider carrying furniture, logs of wood and other infested objects into a place in your property that gets direct sunlight. This will kill the termites and ensure they don't spread into the building. You may also use UV lamps indoors to kill termites because the lamps have a similar effect to the sun.

Use parasitic nematodes

Parasitic nematodes are tiny worms that love to feed on a wide range of microscopic creatures such as fungi and bacteria. Some nematodes also feed on insects like termites. Identify the colony and release these nematodes so they can chew up the pests. This technique is suitable when you are dealing with a stubborn termite infestation. By releasing this natural predator into the colony, nature will take its course, and soon enough the termites will be gone. You can find parasitic nematodes in a local pesticide store or online stores.

Contact a pest control company to learn more about ways to handle a termite infestation.


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